FlexPass and Railplanner app question

  • 6 December 2021
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Hi All,


I have a 5 days/month flex pass connected to my trip (not activated it yet). On my last leg my trip broke down in two days, with one overnight train followed by two train connections the day after. This will make my trip to go over day by one day (using 6 days instead of 5). As I red in the FAQs it will be counted ad one more day of travel, the questions are:

1) when/how does the railplanner app let you know that the current trip (connected to the pass) is going over 1 day ? Are there any indications ?

2) What would happen if I activate the pass with 6 days under my trip on a 5 day/month pass ?


  1. For one of the trips (Liege-Guillemins to Frankfurt Main hbf) on ICE , I have a legend that reads “Conditions apply. This means there are some conditions for travel if you have one a one country pass. Please check….” There’s nowhere to check anything…NO seats reservations are required, wondering what it might be.



6 replies

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Hey Gabriel,

  1. Can’t answer this
  2. You can only use 5 days if you have 5 days pass. For the two extra trains on day 6 you would have to buy separate tickets. It would be only possible with a 5 day pass if the nighttrain is boarded before midnight on day 5 and your last train.
  3. It is only an information for OneCountry Pass holders. For you this information doesn’t matter as you are having a Global Pass if I understood it right.
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3.) The special conditions only apllies for One Country Pass holders :) As the German Railpass is valid till Brussels on the ICE´s same applies for the Eurocity´s from Munich via Innsbruck to Verona,Bologna and Venezia

Thank you both for taking the time to reply back to me. I really appreciate it 😊

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re 3. The whole trip-you can also use slower local trains- can be done without compulsory REServations-just find a seat that is not labelled as such.

Its usually better to NOT use the planner from Inter/EU-rail ,but for this the more accurate of german rails+ bahn.de

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The ICE Brussels - Cologne - Frankfurt is reservation free :) no need to change for the slower Route even if the slower route offer some nice views :D

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  1. You are not able to add more travel days to your Pass. You can see the graphic below in the '’MyPass'’ section. If you have a 5 day pass, and all your travel days are added, you will see that all your 5 circles are colored.