France Pass; how to be sure this is the right Pass for us?

  • 5 March 2022
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My daughter and I are travelling to France in April.  We have 4 different cities we are visiting and the train goes to each of them.  There are so many different websites to buy train tickets from I am worried that I will buy something incorrectly.  How can I be sure that the Eurail France pass (4 days in one month) is the right one for us.  And how can I check the trains?


2 replies

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Badge +9 is a good website for regular tickets in France. You can compare these with buying a pass with reservations for TGV/IC (10 or 20 EUR, depending on availability). Advance tickets can be cheap, but they often cannot be changed anymore.

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What is best really depends on the places you intend to visit and how picky or nervous you are about possible flexibility to take other trains in case plans change.

It should go without saying that the site of the national railway concerned=SNCF should be best, however they have just a week or 2 ago decided to set it up all a new and complaints are rife, so for now for USA better to use the site rian links to.