from Athens to Patras - global interrail pass

  • 23 March 2024
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I'm contacting you because I have a Global Interrail pass and I'd like to take a train journey from Athens to Patras. This journey is included in the pass, but when I book (seat reservations are compulsory), by clicking on "when and how to book", Interrail suggests that I visit these websites: superfast ferries, anek lines, hellenic seaways.
Do you know on which site I can book my journey with the Interrail discount?

Also, do you know when bookings will open for this route in August?

Thank you


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1 reply

There’s no train on this route (but I assume you do know because you did ask for the train in an other posting), it’s a train and bus combo.

You do need a reservation for the connecting bus (just available from a greek station; should be free of charge).