from Budapest to Sofia :)

  • 4 February 2024
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Hey everyone! 
I am studying two options to go to Sofia:

1- with Interrail - they propose to go firstly to Craiova in Romania, and wait 2h (from 5 to 7am): is the train station for a single woman? Then take a train to Sofia.


2- taking a direct bus - it lasts one day but it costs 77€ with flix bus. But it doesn’t seem to be covered by Interrail 

what is the best solution? 
is the train by night from Budapest to Craiova comfortable and safe? As the train station? 

thanks !! 



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3 replies

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What's the best for you depends on what you're looking for. Cheapest? Fastest? Best views from the train? Something else?

The trains are perfectly safe. Book a couchette and keep the door locked at night.

In Craiova, I'd expect you to be able to get breakfast before you take the train to Vidin. Trains start running around 5 in the morning so there will be people around.

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I have been in Craiova using this connection and felt perfectly safe at the station. The building is open and you can wait inside until morning. There were also quite some other people around. Just take the general precautions as usual. Toilet in the nearby bus station is cheaper than in the train station if I remember right.

scenery from Vidin to Sofia is really nice. I would definitely go for the train in this case.

Many thanks! You convinced me :)