from Germany to Italy, and back

  • 13 March 2024
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Folks, many years ago, I used Interrail a lot. in the 80s, the passes were dirt cheap, covered all countries and more or less all trains, and the rules were as easy as ordering a coffee in a café before Starbucks was invented.

but I’m not here to complain, at least not only.

I’m planning to travel to Italy in a few weeks. There is no direct border between Germany and Italy, of course. as far as I know, there is a rule that you can travel in your home country to reach the destination country. But what if there is Switzerland or Austria in between? Is that included? Do I need a global pass?


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A one country pass is only valid in one country and does not include any inbound or outbound journeys. The German Rail Pass is an exception and allows a few extra trains, e.g. to some Italian destinations via Austria, but if you live in Germany, then you can't use this pass. So that only leaves the global pass.