Generate Pass Cover Number Eurail starts with I, is this correct?

  • 5 July 2022
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Hello I see some information saying that Eurail Pass Cover Number should start with an E, but when I enter mine into the pass cover number generator I see a pass cover number that starts with I. Is this correct or is it giving me an Interrail Pass cover number that is incorrect? I bought a Eurail pass and entered in the Pass reference from my phone app. I need this for booking ASAP, thank you!


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2 replies

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If it generates an “I12345678 number then try a dummy booking at the website you want to use. If it works then great, if not try either replacing I with E or selecting Interrail rather than Eurail.


Realistically as long as you can get a reservation issued out of the website with the same name that is on your pass and passport, the cover number that is not presented anywhere on your actual mobile pass is irrelevant.

Thanks I’ll just do that, just wanted to make sure the cover number would be irrelevant.