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  • 15 June 2024
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hi ,

Can I travel on German buses with a global pass? I'm having a hard time getting an answer, I've read all sorts of things online and in groups. 
I need to go from Lindau to a small German town on bus 21 and if I get on it I can show the global pass ticket is it good? or if not can I buy a monthly bus pass which is good for all German buses ( long distance bus )

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2 replies

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If it’s not a rail replacement bus, your interrail won’t be valid. 

Bus 21 seems on ordinary regional bus to me, you’ll probably have to look for ordinary bus tickets.

Your Interrail ticket won’t be valid for local transport. But you probably should have a look at the Deutschlandticket for 49€/month which includes all regional and local transport in Germany.

It’s probably not worth it for a short trip, but depending on your traveling plans you often need one or two Interrail days less by using the Deutschlandticket instead.