gettin to europe by Eurostar

  • 20 April 2022
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I am travelling from Dublin to Brussels in one day by getting a ferry to Holyhead and train to London in time to get the Eurostar.  
however I am having all story’s of problems.  I put in a start date (the day I am leaving Dublin ) and when I try to book Eurostar it tells me my pass is not valid for that date 

 I have a mobile pass    On the Thalys site it wanted a number that appears to be only on the paper ticket?

I also had trouble on the Thalys site getting it to accept Ireland as my place of residence 

it would accept United Kingdom  

so I’m having trouble all round 

If anyone has overcome any of these problems I’d really appreciate some help.   Thanks 


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Unfortunately, your post is a bit vague about some details:

  1. One which website are you trying to book Eurostar? If that's on, then please check your pass details (such as start date) in your interrail account, under "My trips & travellers”.
  2. "The Thalys site” is also a bit vague. Thalys don't sell pass reservations themselves, but from the description, it sounds like you're trying the Belgian railways website? It wants a pass cover number indeed, which you can request here. But reservations can also be made via Interrail.
  3. The Belgian website does accept Ireland but then produces an error message, I just saw. You can select any other country or choose "Eurail pass”, since that information is not printed on the reservation.

Thank you so much.

I’ll try to request the pass cover number using your link and see if that works.