Getting a new case for a paper pass

  • 18 October 2022
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Hi there, I have a plastic ticket case for my Interrail from 2017 and I want to get a new one - or an equivalent. Does anyone have any advice for where I could get one from? Or anything else I could store my paper passes in :) 


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I have a few lying around-in various formats-all from long ago.

All these former gadgets are no more and AFAIK there is since they now have these new style mobile passes also no more printed material-unless some agency has still some old supplies lying around and forgot to put them in the bin. You have to search what else you have @home or failing that in a office-supply shop.

(A month or 2 ago I noted such a stack-but not covers, brochures, in an old DB-turned into ´private/local Traffic area´ agency somewhere in NRW/DE)