Getting to UK with One Country Pass from Switzerland

  • 15 March 2022
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I am about to visit a friend in the UK, so I bought a One Country Pass. I live in Switzerland, so I need to do a seat reservation for the TGV through France (to Paris) and then the Eurostar (to London). However, I am not able to book a seat, it says “not valid for your pass”. So my first question is, why? Can I travel trough different country with One Country Pass? (I think the answer is YES, because I am travelling directly to London, it is 1 day of travel) 

Then, I have an old Global Interrail (expired), and I am able to book a seat with this old pass. my second question is: should I book my seats with this old pass? 

Thank you for the help


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A one country pass is only valid in that one country. For Eurostar, there's no fare for partial pass validity (a pass only valid in one country). This means you'll have to buy normal tickets between Switzerland and London.

You can also exchange your pass for a global pass, see this page. There may be exchange costs, depending on the option you chose when buying the pass.

If you're only making one round trip, buying normal tickets may be cheaper than a pass + reservations, especially if you buy them in advance.