Global Pass 3 months journey - did not know the 2 restricted inbound/outbound journeys

  • 17 June 2022
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Dear All,


I bought an Interrail Global Pass 3 months but I didn't know that the outbound & inbound journey to the home country is only available once (English is not my first language and I didn't understand so well that sentence). I thought I could travel back and forth multiple times from my ‘home country' but apparently I could not. This makes the pass really restricted and limited.

I am also not sure if I am counted as an EU-citizenship, I currently hold a 6 months visa in Germany.

I bought the pass during the 50% promotion time and I am wondering if I could refund it? If not, could someone please advise me in how to make the best use of this ticket? I am really frustrating now... TOT

Thank you so so much for your help, wish you a lovely day.



Ying Tong Chen



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Passes bought during the 50% sale are not refundable and not exchangeable.

For travels within Germany during the summer you can use the 9 EUR ticket. The ticket is not valid on IC, ICE, EC and night trains.

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You can buy cheap tickets from your City in Germany to the Border and then use from there Interrail.

Thats how i will use my Interrailpass from mid August to November :) I will use my Inbound journey for the most expensive route in my Country (Germany)

As said by @AnnaB  the Passes from the 50% Flashsale are not refundable.