Global Pass First Class - do I have to use the 22 days straight or can I break it up?

  • 17 June 2022
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Hi there, Brand new to site.

I am wondering if I buy a 22 day Global Pass First Class, do I have to use it 22 days straight or

can I break it up to what ever days I feel like travelling in my 42 day Holiday? thanks

Also, how do I get that extra 10% discount on my Pass or is automatically included?



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Every now&then-but hardly ever in hi-season, there are promotions that bring 10 or even 15% off final price-these passes have more severe restrictions on exchange etc-but work the very same way. IF you list your @mail, you will get automatic announcements.

Also DO be very much aware-this forum is full of allthesame, never bother to prepare&read, posts, most often also from not-train-used USAers- of the may pitfalls. All normal ones have been posted here many times. In fact mainstream touristy forums like tripadvsior will tell you ´forget pass, just book normal tickets´.

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22 day pass is for 22 consecutive days. A 15 days in 2 months or even a 10 day in 2 months is the closest to what you sound like you might want.

It all really depends on where you wish to go and how much traveling you intend to do, bear in mind the limitations of Eurail passes, especially them not being valid on most city metro type networks so they aren’t much use for days spent touring a city.

Eurail Pass is only really cost effective for days where you make a reasonably long journey. In many places single tickets or local day tickets will be better if you are making a shorter hop or touring a city or region.