Global Pass shows as "valid in country of residence" when scanned

  • 20 December 2022
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I'm currently travelling with an Interrail Global Pass (7 days) on my outbound journey from the UK to Germany.


When my ticket was scanned on the train, the system showed the inspector a note saying "Valid in country of residence". This confused him (as I was on a train outside the UK) and he thought that my ticket was ONLY valid in my country of residence, i.e. within the UK. 


However, I clearly booked a Global Pass, added the exact journey from the UK to Germany to the ticket and selected it as an outbound journey. My ticket also shows that its a global pass, its only the information that shows up when it's scanned that is confusing. 


Why does the system show the ticket validity that way? Is it to highlight that, in contrast to other travel days, the outbound journey is ALSO valid in the country of residence? 


I want to get some clarity on this in case I have to discuss this again today.




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Did you add the whole travel, with different trains, as one journey? If so, I guess that the information is for the staff in UK so that they know that your pass is valid in the UK.

If you add each train as a separate journey, which is the best way to do it, I guess this info only is displayed for journeys related to the UK.

@rvdborgt Have you any idea about this?

Thanks for the quick reply! 


Yes, I added the whole travel with different trains as one journey in the app. I agree that this might only be information provided for UK staff to know that my pass is valid in my country of residence because it's the outbound journey. 


Can I modify my journey in the app, now that the ticket is already activated, to split the last train from the rest? I'd like to prevent another discussion about my ticket's validity.



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I never really paid attention to these messages. I'll check what it says next time I use it.

The ticket will normally say "Not valid in XXX” if you don't use an inbound/outbound journey. However, under no circumstance a pass is only valid in the country of residence, so the message "Valid in country of residence" can only mean that it is also valid there. But it would be clearer indeed to include “also” in that message.

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Can I modify my journey in the app, now that the ticket is already activated, to split the last train from the rest?

Yes you can.

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I just remembered: the "ticket” (the app page with the QR code and the train list below it) will remain the same though for the whole travel day, AFAIK including the notice about travel in the country of residence.