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  • 9 August 2021
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Hi all! I am looking to book a post graduate Europe trip with my college roommates and was wondering what it would mean if we booked the 15 or 22 day Global pass? I see that it says we have 15 rides or 22 rides depending on the package we choose, but I was wondering if it means I have to use all the passes in a row? Or is it that I have the 15 rides for a certain amount of time and as long as I use them in that time frame it is one price? Any answers or advice will be helpful!


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There 2 kind of passes 


Continous passes like 22days here will be everyday a travelday in a row of 22days :)


Or flexipasses like 15days in 2months means you can select 15days in a period of 2 months as traveldays for example between 5thAugust - 4th October :)