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  • 2 March 2022
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I am planning to travel from Brussels to France and Brussels to England.  Is there a difference between the Global Pass and the Mobile pass?  


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Warning: we have told it so many times; This €* and ALL FRench TGV-and even more those that cross borders (incl. the Thalys that runs Par-BRussel) charge hefty supplements for passholders. Just know that-if you only means to visit the 3 capitals, then most likely normal advance tickets work out cheaper-and also fix you to booked dates/times.

MIN for a pass is 4 traveldays-which means it generally only pays off when you indeed make 4 fairly long/INTernational trips.

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No - Global and one-country passes are differentiated by the range of the physical area they cover, and mobile and paper passes are differentiated by how they are kept and used.

You have two separate choices to make. The first is whether to buy a global or a one-country pass. “Global” doesn’t of course actually mean “global”, but does mean pan-European (it is valid in all participating Eurail countries, which are listed on the website). If you want to use it both in France and in Great Britain, you will need a global pass rather than a one-country pass.

Secondly, paper passes are printed on paper, filled out with a pen and taken with you (the way Eurail passes have always traditionally worked), while mobile passes are kept digitally on an app on your phone. As rvdborgt says, you may find it useful to read the overview page he’s provided a link to help you make that decision.

You can buy a global paper pass, or a global mobile pass, or a one-country paper pass, or a one-country mobile pass.

Being new to traveling in Europe, so what you are saying is that the global and mobile pass are the same thing, except the global pass is paper and the mobile is the E ticket on your phone?  So both passes are good for use in France and London England? 


From Neil, 


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You mixing up two things:

  1. Paper versus mobile pass: the validity is the same. There are arguments for both, check this page.
  2. Global versus one country pass: the global pass is valid in all countries mentioned and one country passes are valid in one country only.

Whether a pass pays off depends on which exact journeys you're planning. France and England are quite large so normal ticket prices can vary a lot, depending on where you're going.