Going back to own country in the middle of the trip

Hi! I’m wondering how the 30day interrail ticket actually works. I would like to know if I am allowed to travel from my country A, to country B and then come back to A for a while and then continue my journey to country C? Hard to explain but basically can I go to my own country in the middle of my journey or does the ticket end whenI go back to my country? 


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No you can get home so many times you want, BUT only on 2 days you are allowed to use it in your home country. This means after this 2 days, you have to pay a normal ticket from the border station or airport to your home town. 

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But you state to be suomenlainen-then its hardly an issue-fly in+out for much less.

Also note that if you plan the overland route via the 3 baltics you may encounter quite some probs with pass-they are unused to it, plus that local tickets will likely even be much cheaper as passdays.