Greek Island Pass; Travel Around Cyclades and Italy

  • 4 January 2022
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So I’m going travelling this summer and from June I’ll be with a friend around Athens and the Cyclades and then going to Bari going: Athens - Paros - Ios - Santorini - Bari (I understand there isn't a direct ferry from Santorini to Bari) My question is whether any of the following options are recommended:

  1. Getting either a 4 or 6 day greek islands pass
  2. not getting a pass and booking the trips now through blue star ferries or emailing ahead to reserve
  3. waiting until I'm there and then buying them at the port

I usually like to be organised and I’m really trying to keep costs down without compromising too much of the trip, if anyone has any suggestions for how I should approach this or any additional help on the subject area, it would be greatly appreciated!!


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Thanks for reaching out to the Eurail Community with your questions, Felicity! 

1. Whether you go for the 4 day or 6 day Greek Island Pass depends on your travel plans. The 6-day Pass includes international trips and as you are planning to go to Bari, that might be the best option for you. In the Greek Island Pass Guide you can find the differences between the two Passes and all other information you'll need to plan your trip. 
2. I would recommend to check the prices for the trips you want to take and compare it with the Greek Island Pass. If you do not know the exact trips you are going to make, and want to be able to decide when travelling, the Greek Pass will be the best option. Other members in the group might be able to provide you with some recommendations based on their experience. 
3. If you choose to purchase the Greek Island Pass, I strongly recommend you to purchase the Pass before going on your trip. More travelers in this Community have tried to buy the Greek Pass in Greece at stations and ports, but it turned out they don't have them available. 

I trust this answers your questions. Cheers, 

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Thus this has nothing to do with trains-where this site is about. My advice is to rather use a general touristy forum that has knowledgeable responders for this-like f.e. tripadvisor.

My own gut feeling is that it will all depend on the covid situation by then and impossible to predict. Tipical newby rookies seem to think that their whole trip needs to be fixed to latest details monthes ahead-in general this is complete nonsense. IF a pass is worthwhile or not-do the homework yourself and see what tipically trips cost now and add them up.

For inland GR trips these ferries are much regulated-as are trains and buslines. There are dozens of ferrylines-by various companies. For INTernational=over the Adriatic sea its just commercial, there used to be also near a dozen of such-many nowadays however only take people with cars.

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Yes, I think the interrail should include some freedom of mind and schedule. You shouldn’t plan everything for the minute. This is not a job!

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Hi Mcadv, thanks for being cautious that everything on the forum is on topic. In this case it is as the Greek Island Pass and Ferries are part of Eurail/Interrail. Regarding the trip planning comment, it is great you highlight the advantage of Eurail/ Interrail being flexible. Though, everyone has their own preference. Some travelers prefer to have everything planned out beforehand, especially first time users, while others leave everything open to travel as flexible as possible. That's the great thing about planning a Eurail/ Interrail trip, there is no right or wrong 🙂 Please be mindful that first time Eurail/Interail-ers are joining this forum on a daily basis and come with questions that might feel repetitive to more experienced travelers. So let's keep informing them in the best way we can :