Greek Islands Mobile Pass - the mobile pass option doesn't work


Eurorail is ruining our holly days. It is a shame of a Website! I’ve been trying endlessly to buy two Greek Islands Passes in vain, as the Mobile Pass  option button doesn’t work. We have tried from several devises with no success and there’s no way we can use the paper version while travelling in Greece. I can’t believe it s an online service using the post ?! Can someone give us a solution??? 


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The Greek Island Pass is only available as a paper pass, as far as I know.

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You can read more on the subject here:


Thank you for your answer but we are still thinking this is unbelievable you keep the mobile pass button displayed if not available!!! Interrail has lost 2 potential customers and the bad press that will follow. It is a pity for such a renowned service! 

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This pass tends to get so many bad reviews that most advice against buying it. The savings are minimal to nil and the hassle in using it is more as just buying local tix when in port-as is the usual custom in GReece nayway.