Greek islands paper pass won't arrive on time

  • 12 September 2022
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Hello. I am travelling to Greece on Saturday 19th September and we will need to start using the ferries from Monday 21st September. I am trying to buy a 4-day pass. It says it won’t arrive however until the 26th September and there is no option for quicker delivery or for a mobile pass. What do I do?


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19 September is on Monday. But anyway, that is a bit short for anything from abroad to be delivered by post.

Have you tried They're in the UK so delivery could be sooner.

If that doesn't work, will you be in any other country except from Greece? If so, which ones? A number railways companies can sell this pass at their ticket offices.

You can also ask Greek railways if they sell the Greek Islands pass, e.g. in Athens:

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Unfortunately you might need to change your travel plans unless you find another place than Interrail/Eurail that can sell you the pass with a quicker mail delivery. @Al_G@Yorkie@rvdborgt Do you know where the Greek Island Pass can be bought in the UK?

When will you be travelling? The 19th of September is a Monday and not a Saturday?

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Purchase of the Greek Islands pass is possible from UK based they do offer next day courier service but they have a note about extended shipping times so you would need to contact them to make sure they can ship in time for you before you buy


Other option is to pay for trips individually, this will also give you access to more operators/routes.

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Many apologies but it is an area I am not familiar with.

Hello Kayla! I'm sorry to read that the Pass won't arrive in time for your trip. You can contact trenose and ask if the Pass is still sold in the main train station in Athens.

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It is NOT-as has been posted here a few times. Please also read informed sources.

In general this pass offers very little-only perhaps, depending on trips, a small lower tot al price.

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It is NOT-as has been posted here a few times. Please also read informed sources.

That was a report from last year and things may change, so it's good to ask again. In addition, I found it quite strange that Greek Railways would sell all Interrail passes except for the Greek Islands pass, which they did sell 2 years ago.