Greek islands pass - questions about reservations

  • 29 April 2022
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Hello! I have a few questions regarding the eurail Greek Islands pass. I am looking to buy it for this summer (end of August) to travel between the Greek islands. My questions are: 

1. If I purchase the 4 day pass today, is there any way to be sure that seats will still be available on the ferries that I would like? Or do I just have to wait for an email back confirming? 

2. When I reserve my ferries, will i get tickets

mailed/mailed to me with my reservations or how do I get my tickets to board the ferries when i arrive in Greece?
3. Am i able to activate my pass online, or do I need to wait until I arrive in Greece to activate it?

4. Am i able to reserve seats before I receive my paper copy of my pass? 

5. Will there be any additional costs when reserving seats?

Thank you very very much for your time!! 


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  1. You'll have to mail or call the ferry company.
  2. From the Greek Islands pass guide: "When making a reservation, a booking reference number will be provided and with this number customers will be able to collect their boarding pass at the embarkation port”
  3. The Greek Islands pass is only available as a paper pass and you have to choose a start date when you order it. It doesn't need to be activated anymore.
  4. I think that should be possible. A few years ago I booked an international ferry with one of these companies entirely via e-mail and before I bought my Interrail (global pass).
  5. There shouldn't be any - but I can't say for sure.
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For just a what they call FOOT passenger (=no car, bike, motocy etc with her/him) and not a big group of US collegey studentsky, there is hardly ever to worry about ´seats´ (in fact a real seat=poltrone or reclining chair will cost extra), even though of course the MAX nr of passengers on a given boat is limited. They call that DECK class=you can sit/lay down wherever this is allowed-and you certainly wont be the only 1 to do so.

DO be warned and check double if the companies that accept this pass are those you can take to the islands of your choice-there is a multitude of ferries and islands in GR.