Greek Islands: validity pass not availble on Interrail

  • 9 July 2021
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Hello, I wanted to choose my validity pass in the Interrail website (which is 6 days within a month), but this option is not availablle. The closest options are 5 & 7 days within a month and 6 days within 2 months. 


What should I choose? Will it be a problem if I choose the wrong validity ?


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Hi, it is not a problem to travel with a Pass of xx days within 2 months if you will only travel during 1 month. However, you will pay for the longer validity so in your case I would recommend a 5 or 7 day within month Pass. If you choose a 5 day within 1 month you can choose to purchase point to point tickets for the 6th day of your trip. If you expect your point to point ticket(s) to be more expensive than the price difference between the 5 day and 7 day Pass, you can better opt for the 7 day Pass. 

Tip: on the days you are planning to do your most or longest train rides, you can use the '’travel days'’ of your Pass, whereas on the days with the least or shortest train rides you can buy the point to point ticket - in case of the 5 day Pass. 

Cheers :relaxed: