Guidance Required - Munchen - Innsbruck - Milano

  • 4 July 2023
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I have to reserve seats on a train starting from Munchen hbf to Innsbruck, have a 1-2 hours stay at Innsbruck (for slight sight seeing), and then finally move to Milano Centrale, on 7th July (morning).


So just wanted to confirm,

- if I only needed to select the 'seat reservation (no ticket)' option for buying the mandatory seat reservation from Innsbruck to Verona?

- is there a better option for covering my route?


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5 replies

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There is a 10€ surcharge on board the EC trains that cross the border. Add Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets to buy it : 10€ + 3€ for the seat reservation. If you'd like to avoid it, read your previous threads.

Verona - Milan : either the fast Frecciarossa train (13€ for that short leg) or the not much longer regional train.

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My plan is a bit changed and I would be first travelling towards Lake Como from Munich, before finally moving towards Milan. In this route, I am finding a train, which is not asking me for any 'mandatory' reservations. Though it includes an inter-country EC train. 



- So what you say about this route?

- Is there any leg of this route, where you suggest I get reservation?

- Any better route you suggest?

- Is there any 'free' bus/ferry, that I can get near Lake Como?

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You could get a seat reservation for the first train but as DB suggests low-occupation I wouldn’t care. Nothing recommended afterwards. If you can afford the extra hour, I’d suggest the Old Gotthard Railway instead of the boring 57-km Gotthard Tunnel !

  • IC2 Zürich HB - Arth-Goldau 11:05 - 11:45
  • IR26 Arth-Goldau - Bellinzona 11:54 - 14:00
  • S10 Bellinzona - Chiasso 14:16 - 15:06
  • S11 Chiasso - Como S. Giovanni 15:13 - 15:18

Or if you’d like to visit Locarno for a bit (but you’ll already have a long journey) :

  • IR26 Arth-Goldau - Locarno 13:02 - 14:25
  • RE Locarno - Como S. Giovanni 15:25 - 16:35

Lake Como is a 10 min walk from Como S. Giovanni train station. :)

Is the rest of the trip going fine ?

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Is the rest of the trip going fine ?

Yes, the trip so far has been wonderful. All thanks to this helpful community, the 'transport' aspect of the trip have remained outstanding. Have met a few friends who have been living in Europe for decades and even they have a lesser knowledge of trains overall then me 😊

I might skip Locarno, as just want to spend 2-3 hours around Lake Como only. About my question above, I still need a bit of guidance regarding:

- Good train 'stops' around Lake Como, where I can stop for a while (I noticed, there are certain stations on the Eastern side of the lake & I guess none on the Western)?

- I am a bit short on time, so I guess I won't be able to take the ferry & would like to briefly visit a few towns around. Is there a bus service around for that?

- Any suggestions for good towns around?



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Como is already a good stop. To get to the Eastern side of the lake you'd have to change trains in Monza. Extra time that you don't necessarily have (but there may be an option, see further down...)

Can't help with the buses and ferries in that area I'm afraid.

One other option would be to take the Bernina Railway and then take the train along Lake Como.

- EC München Hbf - St. Margrethen 06:55 - 09:09

- Bus St. Margrethen - Buchs SG 09:26 - 10:01

- IR13 Buchs SG - Chur 10:09 - 10:48

- IR Chur - Samedan 10:58 - 12:45

- R Samedan - Pontresina 12:48 - 12:57

- R Pontresina - Tirano 13:04 - 15:00

- Bus Tirano - Sondrio 15:56 - 16:36

- R Sondrio - Varenna-Esino 16:41 - 17:35

- break there

- R Varenna-Esino - Milano Centrale 19:35 - 20:40 (or another one, hourly service)

Of course it's another long journey...