Had to reset my phone. My pass was on the phone, now I cannot use my existing pass. Have just used 1 travel day and am currently travelling. Need a new pas number.

  • 19 September 2021
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Dear all. I am currently travelling on my 10 day travel pass and I had to reset my phone as it was not working any longer. Now I've lost my pass and the application says I cannot upload it again as it has been uploaded on another device (" my phone before the reset "). I still have many travel days left (almost all of them) and have many travel plans. I need to get a new pas number from Interrail as quick as possible...anyone have had experience with this? Interrail is very hard to reach.

Thanks for any help!

Kind regards Iris


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@Nanja  can assit :) but as it´s weekend she is usually not online :)

You can write her a private message with your Email and Ordernumber :)
and maybe open a case via this form .

Thank you so much! I got an answer and have been able to add my pass to the application.