Happy 50th Birthday !!!!!

  • 1 March 2022
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Interrail becomes 50 today :) iam looking forward for atleast the next 50years :) 


Interrail was once founded to celebrate 50years of UIC (International Union of Railways) 

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When it started those 50 years ago it was a small paper booklet, ONLY for juniors <21?23?? and valid for 1 month of unlimited train travel in West-Europe-except your own country (the walls firmly stood and communism was much alife-those countries all wanted visums and other complicated entry procedures) but then also Turkey and Morocco! Price around 111€ in todays money.

Hence likely the still so often seen wish to reach places like Istanbul and the Greek isles-but at those times even Marrakesh!

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Price around 111€ in todays money.

Yet another of the countless ways baby boomers have somehow managed to live through every stage of life at the optimum moment :smile:

Very little in the way of obligatory reservations either - am I right in thinking it was just night trains back then?