Having several of the same journey on mobile pass

I'm curious if it's a viable strategy to have multiple of the same trip in the same day so as to have an insurance trip if you miss a train. Train journeys can't overlap so is it ok to have (eg Berlin to Prague) 9:00-13:30 train and a 15:00-19:30 train on your pass on the same day?


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It is not necessary, you can simply write down/choose actual train when you stand on platform awaiting it, Essentially same as old-style paper pass -when I sit I take it out and write it-yes, I am aware this is to the rules a few secs too late.

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In the mobile pass, trains added from the planner can't overlap but you can always add a manual journey and then trains can overlap. I do that when I can get a delayed train that would normally have left before my previous train arrived.

On an iPhone though, don't add manual journeys before there's confirmation that the bug has been solved that makes journeys disappear after adding a manual journey.