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Hello, it is the first time that I will go to Europe and I am in real trouble, since I ventured to make my own route without knowing absolutely anything and paying attention to the places of interest of my daughter who is the one who wants to go for her birthday. Serious mistake! The thing is that I can't find dates for 2024 on any train line, apparently they are not available yet, I don't know when they will be available.


 That has meant that I have no prices, dates or schedules and if I don't know which trains to take, even less so without the data 🤷 😞 I also don't know if it's convenient for me to buy the Pass or not, and even less so if I don't fully understand the difference between the Global Pass and a Country Pass! Because it says in one part that a country's pass is valid per region, I mean, then Germany's, what region is it? Or how would it serve me? Unlike the other


 I have only been able to buy train tickets from Italy, (I don't know why if they are from February 2024) but no others, although it says that some can be bought up to 6 months in advance, I don't understand! We are going in February 2024, 17 days!


 I still have to go to the 2nd part of my trip, which is the following route:


 Zürich-Munich, Munich-Budapest,


 Budapest-Krakow, Krakow-Berlin,




 Don't make fun of my route please!! 🙏 😩

 Any information, whatever it may be, will be very helpful, since no train line has answered me, I guess because I did a lot of stupid things 😞


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The 2024 European-wide timetable change happens on 10th December. Timetables will start to appear in the coming weeks. This postpones the booking opening but don't worry, trains rarely sell out more than a day or two before travel !

You can check the current timetables and it won't change much.

Yes a One-country pass is only valid in one country, Germany for example. This won't be useful to you since you're crossing multiple borders. You may need a Global Pass. More info :

About Eurail passes or tickets : you'll have to make some calculations to see whichever is cheaper. In addition to the Eurail Global Pass you need to add reservations on a few trains. More info can be found here :

From December 2023 there is a good night train between Berlin and Paris, it may be interesting to you ! With a pass you only pay accommodation price (couchettes, sleepers,...).

Ah, genial, entonces no estoy tan ansiosa, ¡¡muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de guiarme!!😀🙏

Wow wow, that page is wonderful, thank you !!! ✅️✅️✅️✅️