HELP HELP can´t open my pass

Hi there,

I didn´t have any problems so far. But as from today I am unable to open MY PASS although I am connected to WIFI (I´ve also tried to do it with connecting to my internet-provider).

I can open any page I want and I can open the planner, the train-stations and “My trip”  ----  but not MY PASS - please help!


Thank you




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Try switching to flight mode and see if that helps. 

Thank you AnnaB, doesn´t help either ...

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I have no ideas except that you contact Customer Support through the link below. Write that you are currently travelling.


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Also try:

  • Check for updates: app version should be 30.5.0, check under More and scroll to the bottom. Update it if your version is lower.
  • Close and reopen the app.
  • Restart your phone.

When you contact customer support, check this article:


… thank you AnnaB, thank you rvdborgt - I will try everything tomorrow morning!



Thanks once more - everything working properly again.

Switched the phone off for a new start and that was it. 

Funny enough that “MY PASS” was the only site that didn´t work.

Have a nice Sunday where ever you are!