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  • 29 November 2022
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Hello all,


My family and I would like to travel to Antwerp (Belgia) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), our country of residence is Germany (we have German ID but with non-EU Passport). Our itinerary is as follows:

  • 1st journey: Leipzig (our hometown) - Antwerp
  • 2nd journey: Antwerp - Amsterdam
  • 3rd journey: Amsterdam - Antwerp
  • 4th journey: Antwerp - Leipzig

In this case, can we buy the Benelux Pass or should we buy the Global 4-Day Pass? Also, can we buy the Interrail Pass or should we buy the Eurail Pass?

Looking forward to your answer. Thanks!


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When are you travelling? If you book months in advance ordinary tickets will probably be a better deal than a pass.

I find ticket prices Antwerp-Leipzig (on a random day in March - for adults) for 57,5 EUR, Antwerpen-Amsterdam can be done for 20 EUR. Amsterdam-Leipzig even for 37,5 EUR.

Returning from Amsterdam to Antwerp is not really logical in my opinion. In total you’ll pay no more than 115-135 EUR. A four day pas will cost you 246 EUR for an adult. Quite a difference.

Better stay a bit longer in Antwerp, and return to Germany via Amsterdam (or start in Amsterdam and then go to Antwerp). I wouldn’t go back to Antwerp when you’re in Amsterdam, doesn’t really make sense with the train connections :)

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You need a global pass for your travel and as @BrendanDB says it will be cheaper to buy normal tickets, Supersparpreis Europa, than buying a pass. But if you buy normal tickets you loose the flexibility that you have with a pass and you need to decide well in advance what trains you want to travel with to/from Germany to get a cheap price.