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I'm going on my first solo trip and I want to go to Oslo, Norway by train from Nantes, France. 

However, I can't figure out how the interrail site works and I'm afraid I might be making a mistake. I have the impression that I have to buy the 4-day pass for 1 month for 194 euros and that I have to pay extra to book the seats on the trains (I'm changing trains 6 times).

Except that I'm leaving on 5 July, in barely a week's time. And I know that you often have to book seats in advance, so I'm afraid there won't be any left. So I'm hesitating whether to buy the pass and take the plane instead (which is really the worst case scenario, because I don't want to). If I buy the pass, am I sure I'll be able to go to Oslo with it next week? Because I can’t book a seat without having bought a pass.

Thank you in advance for your reply. :)

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It is possible to make it to Oslo by train, don’t worry. Yes you need to add seat reservations on some trains, mostly high-speed ones :

  • TGV : free if you live in France by going to a SNCF ticket counter, ask for a billet parcours d’approche.
  • Germany : optional on ICE trains but recommended in summer (3€ per train on OBB, 4.90€ per journey on
  • Hamburg - Copenhagen : mandatory, 73 CZK or 3.10€ through There’s a helpful night train between Hamburg and Sweden too but you’ll have to check if there’s availability : or
  • Göteborg - Oslo : optional seat reservation, simply hop on

I’ll help you make an itinerary if you’d like. I’d suggest going via Strasbourg. Which 6 trains did you see ? Could you post your plan here ?

Thanks a million for your help Thibcabe!

Here's the journey, I clicked on the cheapest one in "Check train timetables in Europe". 

Thanks a lot. :)








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Here’s my itinerary example (3 + 42€ extra) :

  • TGV Nantes - Paris-Montparnasse 06:05 - 08:12 free
  • transfer (not included)
  • TGV Paris-Est - Strasbourg 09:25 - 11:11 free
  • lunch in Strasbourg
  • RB Strasbourg - Offenburg 12:50 - 13:22
  • ICE Offenburg - Hamburg Hbf 13:28 - 19:36 3€ optional (there are multiple later trains if needed)
  • dinner in Hamburg
  • Night train Hamburg Hbf - Malmö C 23:59 - 07:35 499 SEK for a couchette (42€)

DAY 2 :

  • R Malmö C - Molndal 09:08 - 12:10 (hourly train)
  • Bus Molndal - Göteborg 12:20 - 12:40 (pass valid)
  • R Göteborg - Oslo S 14:15 - 17:51

I had a look at yours. It is possible but I wouldn’t recommend it, you won’t be able to sleep frankly…

When would you like to come back ?