HELP with RESERVATIONS through Spain, Italy and Paris!

  • 5 July 2022
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Hi there,

I’ve just purchased my Eurail 10 days in 2 months pass, however, I can’t quite understand how I make reservations… Someone posted a link to a guide but alot of the websites weren’t for the places I was going and do I need to now pay extra to reserve seats? I’d love to just rock up and get on a train but alot of these say reservation required.. Itinerary below and suggestions for changing times appreciated too!

I’m coming from Australia and visitng a friend in Valencia, starting from there if that helps.

The Eurrail app tells me every train requires a booking so i have no idea how to do this, please help!


Tue 12 July - Valencia Sorolla 16:13 > Barcelona Sants 18:55 (3 days or so in Barcelona)

SAT 16 July - Barcelona Sants 14:00 > Nice Ville 22:37 (WOULD love to not have to stay overnight in Nice Ville, but couldnt see other options to give me enough time in Barcelona)

SUN 17 July - Nice Ville 05:36 > La Spezia Centrale 10:09 (Spending a day in Cinque Terre checking a couple towns, some of the walk and the water)

La Spezia 20:16 > Firenze Rifredi 22:25 (2 days in Florence)

TUE 19 July Firenze SMN 19:14 > Roma Termini 20:50 (is this the main rome station? 5 days in rome!)

MON 25 July Roma Termini 05:35 > Venezia Mestre 09:23 (1 day in Venice, should i take one from Rome and do 2 days here?)

TUE 26 July Venezia Mestre 13:30 > Paris Gare De Lyon 23:19 (3 days in Paris!)

FRI 29 July Paris 18:13 > London 19:30 (2 days in London before I fly out to Ireland on the 31st)


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I theory yes, in practice no. Its summer, ghi-season and after 2 yrs of being prisoned up its now free to roam after covid-as long as this may last. Plus giant staff shortages in most transport mean less trains, more cancellations etc. It is what it is-airports are also overcrowded with willing pax and no security staff to handle them.
Also note: there is a short leg that since 1/7 is NOT on passes anymore: there are NO direct trains Nice-into IT, the sector till Ventimiglia now has to be paid-around 10€/single, from V IT trains onward.

There MAY be other-taking longer (ouch-USA-time is not money here) alternatives by local trains-thsee difer per route you plan.

Oh lord.. There's not many reservations left 😂

Is it possible to rock up close to the train departing and if there's seats available I can get on and just pay at the station?


I also tried to book the Eurostar one for 29Jul (thank you btw) but my pass is digital and I don't have an appropriate eurrail ID in order to book the reservation...? This is rough - my girlfriend mislead me and told me it was easy to hop on and off, however, I think she did the northern side of Europe

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Yes, you appear to have chosen the 3 countries and all trains which require reservations.


First thing that you should do is sort out the Eurostar booking, there are currently only 2 trains left with 2nd class pass reservations on the 29th July at 07.13 and 07.43, if you have 1st class there are also evening trains from 16.13 or later available.


Please read this thread on reservations:


If you will be in Spain for some time before travelling it will probably be best to get your Spanish reservations at the nearest main station.