High speed covered with Eurail pass in Italy?

  • 28 June 2021
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Hi everyone,

I am planning on travelling to Italy soon and going to the major cities (Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples + the Cinque Terre coast). Does anyone know if the Eurail pass allows me to get on high speed trains between cites? I don’t want to sit on a train for 5+ hours! Haha


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Hi Jordan,

yes, but you have to make an reservation in advance. It will cost you 10 euro (2nd class).
Enjoy Italy ;)

Hi Martin!


So with the Eurail pass I can get on the Frecciargento train? That seems to be the fast one.

And do you know where I would make a reservation? Sorry for all the questions!


Thank you

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Hi Jordan,

yes, Frecciargento is just the brand of one of those trains. There are also Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca brands. You can use all of them. Reservation is 10 euro for each of them. 
It is also possible to use InterCity trains (more slow), reservation for InterCity trains costs 3 euro. Actually I like the InterCity ones more as you see more interesting routes. E.g. Florence-Bologna high-speed rail consists almost only of tunnels and feels more like a metro ride ;-)

About reservations: you can do it through the Interrail/Eurail App (but I think they take a fee). Or you can buy it on arrival at one of the ticket offices in Italy, there you don’t pay any service fee but just the standard reservation price as quoted above. At the moment only 50% of the seats are sold for fast trains, so on weekends (Fr-Sun) some trains may sell out in advance. On other dates it is no problem to catch spontaneously a reservation as there are still not so many tourists around as before Corona. If you buy it at the station, you need to show them your ticket (mobile/paper pass) - otherwise they won’t sell you any reservation!

Thank you so so much! You have really helped me, this perfect :)