How do I avoid the first trip to be selected as my outbound journey?

  • 5 September 2021
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Hi everyone

I have a global pass with 4 days of travel. I am doing a first trip to one country and a second trip to the other country. 

I do not want to use my outbound jouney for the first trip, since I will still have a valid ticket for my whole country of residence besides the Interrail pass. However, it won’t let me add the journey to my pass without selecting it as my outbound journey. 

I can’t add the second journey yet as I not sure yet which connection I’ll catch. 

Any tips on adding this first journey without making it my outbound journey? Any help is greatly appreciated! 


Best answer by seewulf 6 September 2021, 20:43

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5 replies

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if you have another valid ticket for the first leg just doesn´t add it to your pass :) as you use it without the railpass

Hey Seewulf thank you for your reply! I only have a valid ticket until the border - from the border of Switzerland to Paris I need the Interrail pass. However I even if I try to add the journey from the last stop in Switzerland to Paris it wants to count it as an outbound journey… 

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yeah the system doesn´t recognise the virtual rail borders :/ best option for you is to log from the first french station of your train

Ah bummer. Thank you :) 

Do you know - if I already add my 3rd and 4th travel day, will I be able to adjust them still after I have embarked on my first day of travel? Thinking of adding my second journey to “use” the outbound journey and only then adding the first trip. 

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You can change add your travelday´s at every time but be carefull if you activate them by mistake for the actual day you can´t cancel them anymore :/ same happens if you added your travelday in advance and notice in the morning ohhh no i wanna stay a day longer in this place