How do I get screenshot of expired ticket to claim delay compensation?

  • 6 June 2024
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Hi, I was delayed by over two hours on a journey from Bruxelles to Hamburg on 13th May after DB cancelled my connecting train to Koln. I want to make a claim for the delay to Interrail but apparently I need a screenshot of my pass ticket for the day. I didn’t take one at the time. I’ve also deleted the journey from my trip. I can’t see anyway of getting the required screenshot now. Does anyone know if there is any way of doing this? Thanks.


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7 replies

Compensation! Typing on iPhone! 

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You can re-add the journey, and add them again to your pass.

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As long as you still have the trip and pass on the app you can retrieve the day’s ticket by using the day selection or calendar under “my pass”

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To prove the delay I always take a screenshot of the timetable showing the delay when I travel on a delayed train. 

Update. I couldn’t add the trip including the London-Bruxelles leg but once I took that out I was able to add the Koln-Hamburg part which is where I was delayed. All sorted.    

I don’t seem to be able to re-add the trip. When I search for it in planner it says there are no trains available for that route on that day, 13th May.

Update: Have found the calendar but still can’t add the expired trip….Also I can’t find the calendar on my pass. Can you tell me where it is please. Thanks.

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What do you mean by "can’t add the expired trip”? What happens at which exact step? Do you have a screenshot of any error or of where you get stuck?

As to a calendar in My Pass:

For a flexipass, you need to choose the travel day before tapping on Show ticket.

For a continuous pass, you first tap on Show ticket, and then you can change the sate at the top of the creen.