How does the outbound and inbound jorney works?

  • 20 March 2022
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Hello everyone!

I am really confused.

Are the outbound and inbound jorney days included in the interrail global passes days? Or are those 2 travel days like a bonus/extra?  For example: if i buy a 10 day global passe, do i get a travel day to leave my country, then can to travel up to 10 days, and then get another travel day to enter my country?

Or is it just a name for the 2 travel days that I use to outbound and inbound my own country and all in those 10 days?

Sorry if this is a silly question!

Thanks for the attention :))


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The inbound and outbound journeys are not extra travel days. On a maximum of 2 of your travel days, you can also travel in your country of residence. You can use any of your travel days for the inbound/outbound journeys, it doesn't need to be on the first and the last travel day.

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But it is not limited to just the IN-country trip-if you can manage and plan carefully and depending on where you start it may mean you could even travel across 4-5 countries (I´ve done that fairly often in the past) in that 1st day.