How does the outward inward numbering work?

  • 24 August 2022
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I don't quite understand the the outward inward numbering, is 0/2 no journeys 1/2 one journey and 2/2 means your final journey

1 reply

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I assume you mean the mobile pass. In that case there is no more a real distinction for OUt and In-it just gives you 2 days of the total that you can ALSO use in home-country-and yes, these are labelled as you show. You also have to specifically confirm that you indeed want to use that day for that purpose. There has been a recent posting that it is best to post the complete trip (f.e. from Leeds or Okehampton-via Lon to whatever destination) in 1 go, as otherwise it may balk at adding another trip in homecountry-whcih as such however should not be the case.