How many times can I enter Switzerland?

  • 22 July 2021
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Hi all of you

I am a swiss girl and I am currently in Paris. I wanted to buy the 4 day global pass for the following destinations:


Paris - Zurich

Zurich - La Spezia

La Spezia - Florence

Florence - Zürich


In the information the say, that it is only possible to enter and leave the own country once. As I am now in Paris since one month, I would have to enter switzerland twice. Does somebody know if this is possible?


Thanks for your help and cheers


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5 replies

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Easy answer no

you need for two legs of the journey than a ticket from/to the Border to/from Zürich (for example Basel - Zürich) option B is to go to La Spezia via Nice - Ventmiglia - (Genoa) can be done in 2 days with luck even just in one travelday :) 

I already have one of the tickets from where I live to Chiasso (like Basel-Chiasso, which is the boarder). So it would be:



Chiasso - La Spezia

La Spezia - Florence

Florence- Zurich


Is this possible? I am entering twice but I “never leave” with Interrail ;P

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In my opinion it should be possibe as you could say on the first inbound journey  you wanna leave Switzerland on the other side like Domodossola or Como :D

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If your country of residence is Switzerland, then you only have 2 days that you can use in Switzerland. If you need more days, then work out which day(s) will be cheapest and buy separate tickets for the Swiss parts on those day(s).

Thank you! that’s how I will do it in the end.