how strict is age control? booked a youth ticket

  • 19 October 2022
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Hi, this is my first time with Interrail. 
i just turned 29 and wrongly booked a youth ticket. It was not very clear on the booking site and I just saw it after confirmation. 
My question is, how strict is age control in your opinion? I am planning to travel through Germany, Austria and Italy. 
however, I am student with valid certificate. Will that be of any interest?

thanks for helping!


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It’s not valid and you will have to show your passport/ID with your DOB printed on it.


Exchange it for one that is valid for you.

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If you bought a mobile pass, you won't be able to activate it. So exchange is the only option.

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If you have a paper pass you would be committing fraud. If caught it could have serious consequences.

Ok thanks for the advice!

so the fact that I am student doesn’t seem to help much?


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so the fact that I am student doesn’t seem to help much?


No, there is no student discount.