How to add multiple journey to same day while purchasing the pass in the planner

  • 10 April 2023
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I want to take an Eurail pass for 2 travel days as shown in the snapshot below (this is just for example to get a solution to my problem, acutally plan is for more such one day return journeys 2 train travels)

  1. Amsterdam → Paris on 22nd May, Stay in Paris for 2 nights (This is my 1st travel day)
  2. 24th May, Take Paris → Brussels train in morning, return to Paris on same day at 6:00 PM (no stay at brussels). This is my second travel day.

But when I add this information to “findl my rail pass” webpage, it counts them as 3 travel days, while actually its only 2 travel days (22 & 24th May). Please let me know if I can just add one entry here on 24th to brussels and can book 2 trains on 24th somewhere (please let me know where? rail planner app or elsewhere)  to have total 3 trains on 2 Travel days. Thanks


4 replies

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I never bother with that tool and count the days myself...

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As @rvdborgt said, that tool is not much use.

It is telling you 3 day pass for 2 travel days because 3 days is the shortest pass sold.


That route; Amsterdam and Brussels to Paris is one of the worst to be trying to use a pass on as there are large reservation fees and small quotas for passholders.

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Just to add to what the other folks have already suggested, if you're only planning on doing those 3 train trips then buying point-to-point tickets might well be cheaper and less hassle than a Pass.

So that would mean buying a single ticket Amsterdam to Paris, for example using And a day return ticket for Paris to Bruxelles, for example using

A Pass sometimes offers more flexibility and better value when taking several trains in different countries for a less pre-planned trip. But since you want to take popular trains at a busy time and will likely encounter a need to reserve seats anyway, that aspect of the Pass becomes less relevant.

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AFIK the 3 day pass is only valid for travel in France OR travel in Benelux, but not for travel across the borders. That means you would need the 4 day Global Pass, which allows journeys across all 33 countries for up to 4 days in a month, but only a maximum of 2 in your country of residence.

OOI to buy tickets for your journey plan would cost approx 200 - 300 euros using Thalys if purchased today (depending on your choice of train). There are even first class seats available at not much more on some trains.

With a pass Thalys trains carry a reservation fee of about 80 euros for your plans.