How to add my Toddler if I purchase our mobile passes already?

Hello, we’ll start our trip in two days and we purchased two mobile pass in Eurorail for adults. But we didn’t see the option to add our toddler in our passes. We need to add him soon, so we can make reservations for his seat at the train. Other wise he has to travel always on my lap. That’s not good for us.  We don’t see the option to add him in a reserve seat, because he has not pass number. Help!


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When he needs a seat, he also needs ticket, so in this case also a pass. You could exchange your mobile pass for one with a free child. See this page for how an exchange works.

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Note that NOT all countries will allow this-in some they insist on the old rules of around 1950 that IF the train is really all full, such a small child has to be taken on lap of parent. I did not invent this-its as it is. Plus that not all trains will be that full.

How has your trip been with your toddler? did you manage to get him his own ticket so he didn’t need to be on your lap? we’re currently in the same situation, where we can’t seem to find out how to get him one.