How to: Changing first day of travel while having booked already for another day which required seat reservation

  • 6 August 2022
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First time with the pass (with my familiy of 4). I followed the instructions. We wanted to travel on Monday the 8th of August (date I set on the App) and then when looking for time table we realized that one of the trains requires seat reservation (Hamburg-Copenhagen). When trying to do this seat reservation, we found out that all the trains on Monday 8th were fully booked and the only way was to postpone of one day. I now have booked the seats for the following day, with the Eurorail App, but my first day of travel is still set on Monday 8th of August on the App. I really dont know and dont understand how to change this first day of travel (i have a pass with only 4 days of travel for one Month). If I cancel my pass and set again a new date, I am afraid this will mess up with my seat reservations…..
Please help me. 

As you can see below, the app says I have only two days left for traveling (out of 4). 



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There is no connection between the app and the reservations so you are perfectly fine to delete all journeys from your Trip. If you don't do anything you will loose one travel day as the 8/8 will be a travel day even if you don't add a journey. You must delete the journey and deactivate your pass.

Perfect, it has worked. Thank you