How to contact the customer service of Interrail?

  • 20 April 2022
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Dear Community,

I’ve had so many issues with my interrail tickets over the past few days. I had urgent questions as my tickets didn’t arrive in time (or got lost), and they do not have a contact number…..why not? I lost a lot of money and wasn’t even able to travel with my pass. I sent several emails to the customer service of interrail and they do not respond to me. Also on twitter they haven’t been answering. Can someone help me with this? Did people have the same issues? Did people manage to get a refund for their passes and additional reservation costs?

I am disappointed and desperate. With the same pass I have a trip planned for this Friday (already paid for the high speed trains), and I desperately need them to answer to me, otherwise my global pass will be completely unused:(

Help me!



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Customer support are very busy, is my impression.

Did you mention your travel dates? E.g. saying your problem is urgent is not enough. They use this information to determine urgency.

If your pass or reservations haven’t arrived:

  1. In case they should arrive by classic post, this forum can't help. Interrail, as the sender, is however responsible for the delivery, and is therefore also responsible for your extra costs, as long as your address is correct.
  2. In case they're electronic: please check in your Interrail account if they're there. Your pass should be in the Order overview (click on View traveller information). Reservations should be in your Reservations overview.

Thank you for your response! I did mention the dates, but I will send another email nonetheless. The tickets were supposed to arrive per post, they said I wasn’t home that day (which I was) so they send it to a pick up point, and after bsck to the sender (Interrail). They did not leave any notification that they were there, or send me an email about it, which is why I couldn’t pick up the tickets at the pick up point. I found out too close to the day of departure for interrail to respond in time. But now my return date is coming up and they still haven’t responded. 

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Hi Yra, I will escalate this to our customer service. Cheers,

Hi Yra, I will escalate this to our customer service. Cheers,

I have similar issue - ie I’m trying to get help from the support and getting no where and my trip is fast approaching. I emailed numerous times and not heard back at all. How can I flag it up as urgent?

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There is no use sending more than one email to Customer Support. The more emails you send, the more work will there be for Customer Support and it will take longer time to get an answer.


 @Claudi.Moll @Marion 

Can you assist in this case ?



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I am having an absolute nightmare with our trip, our Eurostar got cancelled and we cannot book another train home for 3 days after our trip ends… we will have to fly back sadly, so firstly I need to try and change our tickets as now we only need a 1 day pass not a 4 day pass!! Yesterday I cancelled our return journey but it cancelled our reserved seats for the way there and two emails came through saying they had both been cancelled, I have tried to see if we can book more seats and there is nothing available, we leave on Saturday (in two days!) and we have no idea if we can actually get to our destination….how do I get hold of someone to talk to them? Its extremely frustrating and stressful that you cannot actually talk to someone.  

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If Eurostar cancelled your train, then it is the responsibility of Eurostar to make sure that you get to travel on another departure.