How to remove the inbound/outbound trip due to an unavailable connection?



I have messaged support but not sure if they will get back in time. My girlfriend and I live in Sweden. We are currently on the train going home from the UK and are on the Hamburg to Copenhagen leg where we are planning on staying overnight. Tomorrow (4 April) we are planning to take an SJ train to Stockholm via Malmö. We have already booked seat reservations for the trains tomorrow.


The InterRail app thinks that we are using an inbound today (3 April) despite ending in Copenhagen. I believe this is because we originally planned to go to Stockholm today but had to change as SJ has no available seats for reservation.


When trying to add trips for tomorrow (and yes, we have anothe travel day) it comes up with the error that we have no outbound/inbound journies left. This is despite neither the My Trip nor My Plan section having any inbound trips selected or refering to Sweden.


So now we are not sure how long we will be in Copenhagen for and whether we will be able to take the train which we have bookings for tomorrow. By the time we find out we don't want to have to wait another day and pay for ticket + reservations again.


Does anyone know how to resolve this? Presumably by removing the incorrect inbound from today's ticket?





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We can't solve it but we can help you to find the problem.

Go and look in My Trip and check for which travel days there's an icon "In/Out” shown to the right of the date. There should be 2 of those travel days, since the app says you have no inbound/outbound left.

Then open the journeys of these days and check if any part of them is in Sweden.

If you don't see any Swedish part, then please post a screenshot of the trains used.


Thanks for the reply! I've added the screenshots where you can see that today has the out/in option but that there are no trips into Sweden today. The change from Cologne to Copenhagen happens in Hamburg.

Here are the exact trains


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In your first screenshot, if you tap on "+Details”, what country of residence do you see there?


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OK, so did you maybe first plan to continue into Sweden today and then later removed the trains after Copenhagen?

Yes. That was the original plan and a trip into Sweden was selected in the app for today but was not possible as there were no seat reservations.


The ones into Sweden were removed once we realised there were no available seats but this didn't update the inbound trip in the apl and therefore didn't give us access to our final travel day either.


I imagine that this is just something the app hasn't yet been built to accommodate for? Seems like it goes against the idea of flexibility but I'm sure that even if I can't fix this in the app, support should be able to fix this in some backend system?


Any thoughts on what to do so that we don't get stuck in Copenhagen as we have to get back to work and university for Monday.


Thanks again for the quick help!

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Customer support should be able to fix this. If you haven't contacted them yet, do that now. Mention that you are travelling and you need the inbound journey tomorrow, on 4 April. Requests are prioritised and travelling people are urgent.

If they don't fix it today, I'd still travel and expect them to fix it tomorrow morning.

For next times: never add journeys to your pass before you're certain you'll use them. You can make reservations without doing that. Only add them to your pass shortly before boarding a train.

Thank you! I've contacted them already via the app so hopefully they get back shortly.


I appreciate the advice for next time too!


Have a nice day :)

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Hi Kevin, I see on of our customer support agents got back to you yesterday morning informing you on the extra travel day they have added to your Pass. Hopefully, this was in time for you to catch the train you wanted. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Cheers,