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  • 18 January 2022
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Hello, We are Yuremi and Carlos from Mexico. As second Honeymoon and celebrating 20 years of marriage we decide to travel to Europe. Since we got married we haven’t done a big trip like this. So it is our first time in Europe and our first time trying to travel by train. But, but, but we are having sone trouble getting reservations, hopefully we can solve them in this community.


We bought 2 Eurail Global Pass flexi pass 4 days within 1 month, we download the mobile app Rail Planner, we figure out our schedule using the planner and saving our decisions at my trip, after we setup our passes at my pass and we connect our passes with our trip. Until this point everything looks just lovely, But but but…


When we review the tickets an orange text target saying “Seat reservations required” here starts Our calvario. First Only at this point I figure out I have to pay more and I don’t get why, also we figure out that no help is provided just a robot who is very annoying until we arrive here but should be an easiest way to solve problems!!!


So We tryed to go web site and it say there is not reservations done even they appear at mobile app, So this duality of information is very confusing. By now I feel like in the limbo of the universe with nobody to answer and 2 systems (mobile and web) that show different information, ufff!


In the mobile app there is no way to get the seat reservations required, all info points us to go to the web site, BUT in the web site nothing of our travel information show up, so there is no way to get the seat reservations required .


we feel so frustrated that something that should be easy became a nightmare, hopefully some humble human soul with knowledge help us to solve it!!!




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Some trains require reservations indeed. Please let us know the exact trains (including date and departure time) which you would like to book, so people can assist.

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Please share with us the trains that you need help to get the reservation. 

For example:

Barcelona-Sants to Madrid-Puerta de Atocha
Wednesday 20 April 2022

08:25 - 10:55

High Spped Train AVE 3080


It says: “You can't book this connection through our self-service system. Please find an alternative way to book.” and when you get in this option it says: “3. Buy your reservations Book your seat reservations quickly and easily with our online tool. Book my reservations →” So it buckle in an infinity loop. That make me feel so overwhelm, 

By the way, thanks for yours answer and try to help @Angelo @rvdborgt  

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Unfortunately, Spanish railways (RENFE) limited access to their reservation system for others. Even the Eurail reservation system can't make reservations for Spanish domestic trains anymore. That is currently under negotiation, but of course that doesn't help you now.

Currently, as far as I know, the options are:

  • At a Spanish station.
  • By calling RENFE, with limitations, see this page (click on Spain).
  • By calling German railways (DB) at +49 30 2970. They will then have to send a paper reservation via the post.
  • By calling Belgian railways. They will probably also have to send your reservation through the post, but it doesn't hurt to ask if they can send it via e-mail.

If you don't need to travel on the same day you arrive in Spain, you could just book your Spanish trains on the day you arrive. There is no quota for pass users and there is often availability in trains the next day.

However, if you plan to travel from Spain to France, there is limited availability in the high-speed trains to France (and there are not many trains to begin with) and it's best not to wait too long to book. A few weeks in advance should be OK. This reservation is also available from the Eurail reservation system but unfortunately, it's only available on paper, which means there are extra costs and it has to be sent via the post. It should also be available via Belgian railways (see above). French railways unfortunately don't sell pass reservations via internet or phone anymore.

OK I will try, thanks for your answer help a lot. Hopefully this information could be found at the Eurail website!!!