I am missing 1 travel day!

  • 11 June 2022
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URGENT: I have to take the train this morning, but my app is not working! My first day of travel has not been selected, and when I try to change the date or if I click on the water on the right I get this message! What should I do? Should I delete the app and put it back? 



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We have the 11th June and not May anyomre :) maybe this is your problem.

Yes, but I can't change the date! I have never travelled on 22 May @seewulf . 


It's just a day that stays as "blocked" even though I haven't used it. It's just that on my first day of travel it immediately put on the second. 


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Yes, but I can't change the date! I have never travelled on 22 May @seewulf . 

You can´t change “Travelday´s” in the past even if they were taken by mistake :/
The only thing you can do is contact Customer Service via this service form (link below) or via Social Media like Twitter / Facebook :/

Yes, @seewulf thanks I will try. I have my reservations for the eurorail and the tgv, should I take tickets again? Because I'm not sure if interrail will reply by then. 

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The pass cannot notice if you used that day or not-if you activated it, it assumes you have used it-same as paper pass: if you write down a travelday you cannot alter it anymore.

Neither TGV nor €* do ticket only without REServation.

Even though about all these frequent mishaps are mentioned, it also seems the old rule for all kinds of transportation: about half new users have to stuck their nose before they realise they have done something the wrong way.