I didn't take the train but it show as if I had taken it

  • 21 April 2022
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hello, i bought a 10 day pass in 2 months and when i went to use it for the first time i couldn't take the train because i got lost in london stations and the station official sent me to another station. Anyway, it turned out that it was late at night and I missed all the trains going from London to Liverpool. The next day I managed to catch the correct train and get there. However, the day before it counted as if I had used the pass and now I only have 8 trips, and I only made one in fact. I've already sent a message to Eurail support and no one responds. what should I do? Did I even miss a day?


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If you activated the travel day and didn't cancel it, then it is used. The pass cannot know you missed your train. Maybe customer support will undo it, but it is your own responsibility to activate a travel day only when you use it.

The best is only to activate a travel day if you're sure you're going to travel. Because if you change plans and forget to cancel, then you lose a travel day, as you have noticed. You can cancel a travel day before it starts, at midnight CET.