I get the notification ''log in online within 48 hours to keep your pass activated''

  • 4 August 2022
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Hello !!

I'm taking my first train tomorrow, and the app wrote to me yesterday ''log in online within 48 hours to keep your pass activated'' so I logged into the app + on the interrail website, but today I had again the notification with writing 38h.

What should I do I don't understand...??

Thanks in advance for tour help






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7 replies

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The app needs to connect to the internet every few days, if it hasn’t conneected it will prompt you to do so.

Yes but I went on the app Yesterday and today but I still received a notification...

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Close/restart app, if that doesn’t work then restart phone is always worth a try, also check app store for an update.


Note: DO NOT DELETE APP, this will require intervention from Interrail customer services to restore your pass.

Thanks you very much i'll try this

And if it is written this does it mean that it has been updated ?

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It has connected so will be active for another 3 days, which should automatically reset everytime you are connected to the internet and the app is open.

Thank you !!