I got charged €50 for switching on my pass late, the conductor said it’s in the contract. Is it? I’m utterly disappointed

  • 15 June 2024
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Got charged €50 for a late activation when I had everything including reservation with me. I want to know if there is a policy like this. And if anyone could send the pdf that mentions so. Would be grateful! 


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Don't know what you do mean by "late activation". But the activation has to be done before boarding the train. Otherwise you may get a fine and / or you need to buy a normal ticket. Additional, your mobile pass may be blocked. But you didn't tell what you exactly didn't do. A reservation is no ticket so that doesn't matter.

Here's the PDF you did ask for:

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You can be lucky that the fine was only 50 EUR. If can be 150 EUR or more depending on the railway company. 

You must always activate the travel day before boarding the first train of the day. Some ticket inspectors can be very picky about this.