I have a pass but now I have a new passport number. What do I do?

I have a mobile pass that I think I activated (not sure how as I did not intend to) but now have a new passport number.

Contacted customer service via website and received automated reply but not contacted yet.

Have reservations for Eurostar and trains in France for outward and return journeys.


Wait for customer service but due to travel next Saturday (3 days to sort out)?

Deactivate (how?) apply for a refund and order a new pass but will I be able to rebook tickets to match the reservations?

Take old and new passports with me?

Other option I have not thought of?




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Take old and new passports with you.

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I am now in day 9 of a 10-day pass and was till now never asked about show ID. Indeed-(assuming its not due to theft/loss), best to have old+new and explain/show in the highly unlikely case that.