I have no inbound/outbound journeys left, while I do not live in Europe. Did I buy the wrong Pass?

  • 27 September 2021
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Dear friends,


I needed to travel several times between Italy and Switzerland, I bought an interrail pass but i had a "no inbound..." message for my second travel. Did I select a wrong pass??? Eurail has the same problem? I mean I can come one time to switzerland, because it considers switzerland as my home country as I am not a residence there.

Can I change to eurail???

Thanks for your help


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If you are a citizen or you’re living in a European country like Switzerland than you have to use Interrail and you are allowed to use it only 1 time (day) to leave your home country (Outbound) and 1 day to get back to your home country (inbound). 

If you are a citizen from outside Europe you’re allowed to buy Eurail.

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i did not know that, and I have only used 2 of ten days, do you have any suggestion to reimburse or solve this problem?



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The only one that can find a solution is the Eurail/Interrail Customer Service :)
You can open a service case here than they will reply soon :) Other options to contact them are Twitter or Facebook :)

As you already start useing the pass i guess there is no option to reimburse or exchange the passes :/ but iam not working for Eurail and it´s just my experience. Due the booking process you have to confirm that you red the rules and there is clear written that the Interrailpass can be used just twice in the Country of Residence in your case Switzerland.

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Seewulf is right, Please, contact Customer Service as they can see if there is anything that can be done in your case.