I'll have more than 1 inbound and 1 outbound journey. What to do?

  • 30 July 2021
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I would like to get a Global pass - 4 days, but I have to get back to my country (Belgium) somewhere in the middle of my journey. These are the trips I would like to make:

Brussels- Hamburg

Aarhus- Brussels

Brussels - Kopenhagen


Is this allowed since the general conditions say there is only one inbound and one outbound journey?


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2 replies

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You can do it but then need from the border of Belgium to Brussels and Brussels to the border a standard ticket as you can use only one inbound and one outbound journey during your trip :)

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You can use the DB planner to work out which of those 4 trips are most expensive by requesting journeys Aachen Hbf - Brussels and use the reduction "BahnCard 100”. That way, you will only pay for the Belgian part of the journey. If there are Saver/Sparpreis tickets available, it will also be shown. Savers are only available from/to Aachen and not to the border bur can still be cheaper than a flexible ticket from/to the border. Use Interrail for the 2 most expensive tickets.